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1/1/11 Ashlynn Gessner & Daniel Riley  "Ashlynn and Daniel's wedding dance was outstanding.  Family and friends that usually cut out early for previous wedding dances were "shaking their tootsie roll" to the end. When I find out someone is planning a wedding you will be the first recommendation I suggest."  ~ Sue Gessner
1/8/11 Kelly Stahle & Bill Scharf  "I wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job!  I’m sure you have heard it plenty of times in the past, but you were the one that made the party and made everyone entertained.  I think it was a true success!  I’ve heard nothing but good reviews on the whole evening.  Thank you for taking pictures and the CD as well.  You went above and beyond our expectations!"  ~ Kelly Stahle 
1/14/11 Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Holiday Party 
2/4/11 All Saints School Sock Hop
2/5/11 Marion High School WPA Dance
2/12/11 Dinger Graduation Party
3/12/11 Jacie Hillier & Dan Snow  "We can't thank you enough for being our DJ for our wedding.  It was such an amazing evening and you really helped everything run smoothly.  Everyone commented on how great the music was and we agreed.  Thank you!  I would recommend LMD to anyone who needs a DJ service!"  ~Jacie Snow
3/25/11 Jamie Vsetcka & Adam Green  "Everyone had such a great time and we had a blast!! All the suggestions made the night even better!! Thank you for all you did to make our day the best!"  ~
Jamie & Adam Green
4/2/11 Polly Soukup & Jeff Loneman  "Thanks so much for working with us!  It has been a blast!  I will continue to share your name in the future!  Thanks for your hardwork and dedication!"  ~ Jeff & Polly Loneman
4/9/11 Tammy Baker & Mark Nachazel   “Thanks so much for everything you did! It means a lot to us that we had no worries on our day. We will definitely recommend you to our friends!!”  ~Tammy & Mark
5/7/11 Shelly Rawson & Nick Reed "Thank you so much or helping our day run smoothly.  We had an awesome time and its all thanks to you!  You did a fantastic job!!!"  ~Nick & Shelly Reed
5/20/11 Laura Kercheval & Jordan Wagner  "The wedding reception went great, thank you again!" ~Jordan
5/21/11 Candice O'Connell & Ryan Murphy "We had a wonderful time and got so many compliments on the DJ!  We heard a lot of comments that 'they played something for everyone'."  We definitely danced the night away and the dance floor was always packed... You guys rocked!!!" ~ Candice Murphy
5/28/11 Kelsey Schlotfeldt & Taylor Grenier
6/4/11 Jody DeWitte & Curtis Prescott
6/11/11 Tabitha Freeman & Shawn Jahlas  "Thank you soo very much for being our were fantastic!  My parents were wowed by the great effort you guys made to keep people moving and having a great time!  I don't  think we could have asked for anything better!  You guys did more than I could have even expected.  My sister got married four weeks after us and we were still hearing how GREAT our DJ was!"  ~Tabitha Jahlas
6/17/11 Jennifer Francis & Jonathan Easley
6/18/11 Sarah Hurt & Christian Zalesky
6/24/11 Stacy Weeter & Griffin Karr  "We can't thank you enough for sharing in our special day.  Everyone had a blast thanks to you!! We loved your ideas - the glow sticks and late night snacks were a huge hit, and we're so excited to develop the dance floor photos!  Thank you so much for all your hard work.  You were such a pleasure to work with!"  ~Stacy & Griffin Karr
6/25/11 Samantha Martin & Josh Paulson  "Our guests loved you and your enthusiasm throughout the entire night. We were very impressed with how well the night flowed from one event to the next and you made it stress-free for the both of us. We continue to get great reviews about you from all our guests and we can't thank you enough for making our wedding reception such a hit!" ~ Samantha and Josh Paulson
7/2/11 Jill Goerdt & Travis Schott  "Bill - thank you for EVERYTHING - you truly made our day incredibly memorable and we'll be talking about our great DJ for years to come!  All of your predictions and suggestions were right on par and you were just great!"  ~Jill Schott
7/3/11 Allyson Broadwater & John Killean  "Thanks!  We are so thankful that you were our DJ on our big day! You helped us out with planning our ceremony and reception, you really should list yourself as a wedding planner and DJ! I would recommend you to anyone getting married, in fact I already have! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"  ~Allyson & John Killean
7/8/11 Birthday Party
7/9/11 Jena Andresen
& Brett Heishman
"THANK YOU LMD (Bill) for making our wedding reception one hell of a was amazing and I had countless people coming up to me, telling me the next day, and even texting me how great of a DJ you are. Well done! Thank you!" ~ Jena Heishman

Emily Thompson & Justin Salier  "Thank you for being a part of our day!  You were so helpful with planning and very easy to work with!  We could not have asked for a better DJ Service.  You really took care of us and made the night stress-free!  You came highlyrecommended and we will pass on our compliments to others.  Thanks again!"  ~Emily Salier

7/30/11 Michelle Drummy & Jamey Mikkelson
8/6/11 Quynn Kapfer & Sean Iske  "Wow!  You did a great job at our wedding reception.  We had so many people tell me how great our DJ was and we used most of your wedding day tips which helped a ton!  I have never attended a reception with such an enthusiastic DJ.  You truly made the party."  ~ Quynn Iske
8/13/11 Jessi Kloos & Scott Ballard "Thank you so much for being such a great DJ.  We had lots of comments from everyone on how good you were -- even had some people ask for your number!"  ~Jessi Ballard
9/3/11 Jennifer Gann & Jesse Bergmeier  "Everything was great!  Thanks so much!  We loved the pictures!"  ~Jenn Bergmeier
9/9/11 Blair Schlader & Jonathon Sullivan  "Thanks for all your help with all the little details of our ceremony and pre-reception.  That was very nice of you to help us out in areas we might have forgotten about.  Also thanks for doing a great job at the reception!"  ~ Jon & Blair
9/10/11 Emily Olson & Shawn Behrends  "I have already referred you to some of my friends!!!"  ~Emily Behrends
9/24/11 Kristy Hassel & Jared Blanchett
10/1/11 Carolyn Schoon & Jake Vinyard
10/8/11 Michelle Weber & Brad Murphy  
10/15/11 Stephanie Archer & Bryan Gramlich --Everything went great!  I really liked the music that was played.  The candy toss idea was terrific.  I think it really helped keep the young kids away from the bouquet toss and garter toss.  Also, thanks for letting my cousin sing a song.  She had really wanted to do that.  You were fantastic and I even got comments on how wonderful and nice you guys were!  Thanks so much!
10/29/11 Jessie Schmidt & Duston Diesing
11/5/11 Heather Smith & Chris Gibson
11/11/11 Franklin Middle School Dance
11/19/11 Katherine Hurt & Andrew Fischer
12/3/11 Serah Bugler & Jared Snell
12/10/11 Health Enterprises of Iowa Holiday Party
12/16/11 Department of Urology Holiday Party
12/30/11 Juliana Lunde & Justin Meggers  "We LOVED you and had so much fun having you as our DJ!  You BROUGHT the party!! :)" ~Juliana & Justin Meggers
12/31/11 Birthday Party
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