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LMD Productions

01/19/02     Amy Wheeler & Pat Bartels


03/01/02     Amy Davis & Aaron Robinson-Valley


03/09/02     Aegon Diversified Investments


03/09/02     Amy Wilhite & Jon Long


04/01/02     Wynema Earl & Martin Pauly


04/06/02     Kelly Watson & Jake Smith


04/20/02     Christine McGlaughlin & Nickalus Shaw


05/04/02     Brooke Johnson & Justin Ruley


05/17/02     Kennedy High School


05/18/02     Jennifer Wood & Todd Roberts

"Thanks so much for making our wedding reception so fun!  You are so organized and helped make things go smoothly.  We really appreciate working with you!  Thanks! J"  ~Todd & Jennifer


06/01/02     Jen Raymond & Eric Johnson


06/08/02     Wendy Shull & Michael Neal


06/22/02     Brande Henry & Mark Ulrich


06/29/02     Michelle Koch & Andy Smith


07/05/02     Katie Nelson & Mark Dall-Winther


07/06/02     Sheryl Foster & Jon Murphy


07/27/02     Jenny Lancaster & Tony Kramer

"We had such a good time with you!  We enjoyed every minute of our wedding & reception.  Our guests really had a great time!  Thanks for making our night fun!"  ~Jenny Kramer


08/02/02     Janey Allen & Matt Piersall


08/10/02     Joanna Mangold & Nathan Hein


08/15/02     Prairie High School


08/17/02     Missy Carpenter & Justin Wagner

"We cannot thank you enough for everything that you did for us.  You were absolutely awesome and we had so much fun.  We would not change one thing.  You can count on me giving your name out for all occasions.  Thank you again for helping make our day unforgettable."  ~Missy & Justin Wagner


08/24/02     Lisa Stackhouse & Mark Roussell

"We just wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job!  Thanks for the great pictures too!  You rock!  Keep it up!"  ~Mark & Lisa


08/31/02     Mary Kalkhoff & Paul Hagen

"Played music we requested?was able to provide Bill with CD's to play!"  ~Mary


09/07/02     Jody Kaiser & Devin Bilsland

"You were one of the best parts of the day (after the ceremony itself of course J) Everyone loved you.  You kept the party going!"  ~Jody Bilsland 


09/14/02     Kendra Lindeman & Bryan Holland

"Thank you for a wonderful wedding reception.  We had a blast.  Everything was well organized and the dance was so great, we both have blisters!  We will make sure to refer your service to all our friends because any party our friends put on will be a blast with you providing the music.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."  ~Kendra Holland


09/21/02     Brandy & Aaron Klosterman


09/28/02     Cara Harper & Matt Pederson


10/05/02     Christine Thome & Chad Eldred


10/12/02     GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation


10/19/02     Shannon Smith & Vaughn McQuillen


11/02/02     Jane Brockschink & Brett Sagers

"I wanted to write you a personal thank you note for being the DJ for our wedding.  I was very pleased with the DJ setup, the music that played and the interaction that you had with the guests.  My standards are sky high for anything.  LMD exceeded all my standards & expectations.  The thing I like the best was the pre-wedding interaction with Jane & I, asking how we wanted to do things, when we wanted songs played, etc.  That is proof that you run a very professional business and that you really care about how the whole event turns out.  Again, thank you for a job well done."  ~Brett Sagers


11/09/02     Amy Fisher & Robb Blanchard

"What can we say but thank you!  We had so many comments on ?our' DJ.  You were so great and we were very impressed!  Thank you so much for making our night a memorable one!"  ~Ross & Amy Blanchard


11/16/02     Stacey Marshek & Jason Lietz

"You were awesome! We got many compliments on what a great job you did.  We'd be happy to give you a fabulous reference anytime!  Thanks again!  You rocked!"  ~Jason


11/23/02     Marilee Stagg & Tony Quinlan


12/06/02     Aegon Corporate Winter Party


12/14/02     Xavier High School


12/21/02     Deb Happel & Will Christensen


12/27/02     Jane Wildeboer & Andrew Castings


12/28/02     Amber Mixdorf & Matt Young

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