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LMD Productions

02/05/00      Kim Phillip


02/11/00      Leah Knight & Joe Schmidt


02/12/00      CEC


03/25/00      Deb Harford & Jeff Post


04/01/00      Angela Weidemann & Ron McConnell


04/08/00      Bonnie & Ivan Gardner


04/15/00      Katherine Hammond


04/29/00      Rod & Stacy Medinger

"Thank you Bill for being the best DJ there is!  It was a lot of fun for everyone."  ~Rod & Stacy


05/06/00      Vinton High School


05/20/00      Lynette Anderson & Brian Peterson


05/27/00      Jennifer Shimek


06/03/00      Jessica Pearsons & Daniel Barr


06/10/00      Trish Wiebold & Nathan Heubner


06/16/00      Jozette & John Feeney


06/17/00      Beth Winn & Darrin Silver

"Thank you both so much for all you did for us!  Not only was the music great, but you went above and beyond your job duties!  We can't tell you how much it was appreciated!  Thanks so much for caring and for making our day so great!"  ~Beth Silver


06/24/00      LeAnn Lathrop & Bill Wright


07/01/00      Tammy Stalder & Matt Jennings


07/15/00      Kristina Neff & Kevin Hurych


07/22/00      Sue Green & Mark Sedrel


07/29/00      Cindy Naber & Craig Crock


08/05/00      Tammy Meyer & Corey Wilkerson


08/12/00      Wendy Snider & Matthew Johnson


08/19/00      Jamie Fish & Chad Wombacher

"You did an awesome job at our wedding.  We love seeing you at weddings over and over again, because we always know it will be an enjoyable experience for everyone!"  ~Jamie & Chad Wombacher


09/02/00      wedding


09/03/00      Deb & Bill Kueter


09/09/00      Shannon Dallenbach & Steve Kalb

"Thank you for the beautiful job you did for the Dallenbach/Kalb wedding reception.  I liked having the background music during the dinner - you did a great job keeping everything going, so as parents of the couple, we could just sit back and enjoy."  ~Connie Dallenbach


09/16/00      Brittney Behning & Brian Hagmeier


09/23/00      Laura Lybarger & Steve Harms


09/30/00      Shannon Nelson & Tim Clements


10/21/00      Lindy Madren & Jeffrey Brown


10/28/00      Dawn Schmidt & Steve Ralston


11/25/00      Kimberly Balles & Todd Stevenson


12/02/00      Grandview Healthcare


12/9/00       Jamie Curran & Ron Chittick, Jr.


12/29/00      Kerry Green


12/31/00      Kirsten Goodwill & Kurt Sanders

"Bill, you were the reason our Reception/New Year's Eve dance was so successful!  We had friends of some of our guests come to the Reception because it was more fun than the parties they were attending.  Whenever a friend or acquaintance in Iowa announces an upcoming wedding, we always brag on you!  We would gladly recommend you to anyone, anytime - you are one of our favorite wedding memories!"  ~Kurt & Kirsten Sanders

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