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CEC Holiday Party


Quintrex Holiday Party


Springville School Dance


Hoover Elementary PTA Dance


Alexandra Davis & Adam Kinnear

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did.  You helped make our day/reception something to remember."  ~Adam and Alexandra Kinnear


Jennifer Ferguson & Nick Jensen

"Nick and I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did at our wedding.  Our guests absolutely loved you!  We all had a blast!  Never would have thought (as the bride and groom) that we'd be having so much fun that we'd close down the party.  We'll recommend you to anyone who asks.  We can't thank you enough for being all that we hoped and more!  Best Wishes!" ~Nick and Jen Jensen


Sandy Bulman & Ross Naughton

"You both did a great job and kept everyone entertained all night.  You were very helpful and made everything run so smoothly.  We really appreciate you dismissing the tables.  You both were great!"  ~Ross and Sandy Naughton


Joy Knoploh & Jason Koepnick

"The evening was great!  Hard to imagine it any better.  Thank you so much for a wonderful time!"  ~Joy Koepnick


Megan Dvorak & Marcus Burns

"Marcus and I want to thank you very much for all your hard work and making our reception a total success!  You kept the dance floor packed and everyone had a great time.  Marcus and I had a wonderful day and terrific evening.  Thank you for making our reception a total blast!"  ~Megan Burns


Katy Yedlick & Matthew Svihra

"Thank you for all your hard work and time before, at, and after our wedding.  We appreciate everything you did - from bringing the bug spray to rocking the house at the reception."  ~Katy and Matthew Svihra


Amanda Rigdon & Andrew Everts


Kija Heintz & Shawn Weldon


Tina Lambert & Bob Richter


Stacey Rodenkirk & Matt Hasz

"We appreciate the great job you did. Our bartender said, 'We have never seen that many people on the dance floor!'  You are by far the best DJ in Eastern Iowa!  Thanks again for everything - we appreciate it!"  ~Stacey & Matt Hasz


Erica Hughes & Robert Wolterman

"As we reflect on our wedding day a year ago, we wanted to thank you again for the awesome music and enthusiasm that made our reception so fun."  ~Erica & Robert Wolnterman 


Linda Robenalt & Brian Kobliska

"You guys are awesome!  Thank you so much for everything.  The reception was awesome - everyone had a blast and I know people will be wanting your name for their parties.  Hope you guys had as much fun as we did!  Thanks for the great time!"  ~Linda and Brian Kobliska


Lisa Hunter & Chuck Hieber

"Everyone loved you!  We had a great time and so did our guests.  I was completely confident you would take care of us and I was not disappointed.  You're crazy fun and we're very grateful for everything you did to make it a wonderful fun party.  Thank you!"  ~Lisa and Chuck Hieber


Ashley Harrison & Chad Herman

"We had so much fun!  Thank you for you making our day special.  Everyone we talked to had a blast at the dance.  Thanks so much.  Can't wait to party with ya again at upcoming weddings!"  ~Chad and Ashley Herman


Crystal Anderson & Jeff Paul


Jamie Nokes & Mike Wood


Betsy Hoffman & Ryan Ratchford

"Thanks so much for helping make our Reception an event we will never forget!  Everyone had a wonderful time and thought you were awesome!  Thanks for keeping the energy level high & for entertaining us all!  You are the best!"  ~ Ryan Betsy Ratchford


Matt Pauly & Amanda Glynn


Juanita Cooper & Doug Carlson


Heather Peterman & John Buch

"Heather and I would like to thank you and your assistant for putting on a great celebration at our wedding reception.  We truly had a great time and I'm sure our guests wouldn't disagree.  The evening was full of joy and celebration.  Thanks for pulling it all together!"  ~John Buch


Stephanie Sickels & Eric Schumacher

"Thanks for a great night.  You and your assistant were tons of fun and made for a great time!"  ~Stephanie Schumacher


Bobbi Jo Bishop & Brad Carver


Kristin Randolph 16th Birthday Party

"At Toga, our first school dance of the year, several people told me that the music played at my party was so much better than the music played at Toga (I would have to agree!).  Thanks a lot, I had a great time and my birthday turned out to be exactly how I wanted it!"  ~Kristin Randolph


Kathleen Wendling & Brian Dunkel


Tierany Thompson & Lee Virchow


Sara Miller & Jesse Hewitt


Roshaun Grieder & Tim Gnewuch

"Thank you so much for the great job you did for our reception/wedding dance! (You received) lots of compliments from so many guests that said they had such a great time, and we definitely had a great time ourselves!  We didn't have to worry about anything after getting to the reception, because you did such a great job making sure things flowed smoothly, and we really appreciated it.  We will definitely recommend you to friends/family for their future weddings! Thank you so much for everything!!"  ~Tim and Roshaun Gnewuch


Miranda Overmohle & Nathan Atkinson

"You made our reception an awesome party!  Many of our friends said it was the best party they had been to, thanks to you!  You were great!  Thank you!"  ~Nate & Miranda Atkinson


Lindsay Sopousek & Eric Travagiakis


Carly Jans & Brad Barschon


Jamie Bright & Wade Gerdemann

"Bill, you and your team did a great job!!!  Your comments and ideas before the wedding during our meeting were very valuable and added a different yet appreciated taste to the reception.  I would recommend you to anyone!!"  ~Jamie Gerdemann


Lindsey Meder & Chris Cowherd


Rebecca Sevde & Aaron Bunce


Jessica Kaplan and Josh Stamp

"Thanks for all you did for our wedding.  You were so helpful and our family as well as us were able to relax for a little bit while you took over.  We had so many compliments on you guys and you did an excellent job as always!  Thanks for making our dance perfect!"  ~Josh & Jessica Stamp


Rachel Kraus & Terry Steger




Julia Read & Thomas Gerhold


City Carton Recycling Holiday Party


Jennifer Lorenz & Drew Dechant


Melanie Simms & Nick Strohbehn


AEGON Corporate Winter Party


GE Commercial Finance Holiday Party



"You guys were GREAT!  Bill came over to our house and stayed for two hours just talking about everything.  I told him he was more of a wedding planner than just a DJ!  He was always wanting to help out with anything and everything.  In fact I totally forgot my garter and he was tying a cloth napkin around my leg before I could even start to panic!  Thanks for a fantastic night!!  I have had so many people from my reception say how awesome you guys were.  You made my wedding a night I will never forget!!!  I give you an AAAAAA++++++"

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