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Leigh Hofer & David Benish


Franklin Middle School Dance


Marlene Livingston & Andy Kuhn


Alison Davis & Christian Coulis


April Waugh & Brandon Garrison

“We had a SPECTACULAR time!!!!!!  Thank you for all your hard work that you put into this.  I really appreciate the session we had two weeks before the wedding to help me get others things organized that had nothing to do with your role as a DJ.  That helped out tremendously!  I heard compliments all the next day and week about how great you were for the guests and how you really paid attention to the crowd.  It was great that Brandon and I had a good time and things were taken care of, but it was even more important that you took care of my guests even more than you said you would.  I can't thank you enough for everything that you've done!  I hope to continue to work with you in the future with any events that I have or any events that my friends have.”  ~ April Garrison



Natalee Offerman & Joel Havel

“Joel and I had so much fun!  It was the best wedding we’ve ever been to.  We had so many great compliments on everything including how terrific our DJ was!  You helped us have a night we can truly remember!  We appreciate you helping us entertain our guests with everything we had in store for them.  Thank you for making our day so enjoyable.”  ~Joel & Natalee Havel



Jacque Lehman & Matt Messerli

“Thank you for the quality entertainment you and your staff provided on our wedding.  We received many compliments from our guests regarding your song selection, as well as your overall professionalism.  We will recommend your services to others moving forward.”  ~Matt & Jacque Messerli



Angie Axline & Dustin Peet


Tania McHugh & Jared Smith


Anne Sullivan & Tony Stokes

“My wedding was 6 months ago and I still constantly hear from friends and family how great my reception was because of the DJ! He kept the night following and took every request my guests had. He added funny props throughout the evening that really made his work unique. Best DJ you can book and you certainly can't beat his price!”  ~Annie Stokes



Maria Jacobsen & Andy Olson

“We enjoyed every minute of our reception.  You got all our guests involved and made it a very memorable night for the two of us!!!”  ~Maria & Andy Olson



Ashley Taken & Shaun Barry


Wedding --We enjoyed everything!  The prep and meeting ahead was nice.  I do wish the events were sooner.  Everyone left earlier.   Thanks so much for your time!


Holubar Graduation Party


Melissa  Jensen & Andrew Cahalan


Leanna Mcbride & Lucas Showman

“The consultation helped us know what to expect.  The reception went so smoothly and we really appreciated everything you did for us.  The mood was so fun during the dance!”  ~ Lucas & Leanna Showman



Sarah Bobenhouse & Damon Fairfield


Emily Ask & Rob Orna

“Thank you so much for being our DJ tonight!  We know you’re the best and will make our special night a blast!”  ~Rob & Emily



Sandy Nelson & Keith Vogt


Steph Hiepler & Brandon Owens


Jamie Johnson & Bryan Ryther

“Bryan and I had a wonderful time.  Thank you for the idea of a candy toss and for stopping for fireworks!”  ~Jamie Ryther



Rebekah Williams & Andrew Stewart

“From start to finish, Bill took care of everything.  I loved not having to worry about the flow of the reception.  Every event was announced with plenty of spare time, and it looked like Bill and his assistant were having a blast doing it, which helped our guests have an even better time.  I have gotten so many compliments on our DJ.  The volume level was perfect - not so loud that you couldn't hear each other talk.  All our requests were played - even the last-minute ones, and all the songs we requested NOT be played weren't!  I also appreciated the planning session a couple weeks prior to the wedding.  Bill gave some great advice and helpful tips - things I hadn't even considered!  Please consider LMD for your next event - they give great service at a great price.  Bill is on top of things, quick to respond to emails and phone calls, awesome to work with and funny as hell!  Thank you for an amazing evening!!”  ~  Andrew & Rebekah Stewart



Erin Miner & Brandon Yarbrough

“It was fabulous! All the guests loved the music. They said they could hear it but still have conversations and everyone had something to dance to. Also they liked that everything was announced to them so they were ready for what was happening next. They all loved it and said it was perfect.”  ~Erin Yarbrough



Cheri Messenger & Casey Smith

“We had such a great time!  You made this day go so much smoother than we ever thought possible!  It really helped to talk to you beforehand -- there were so many things we didn’t think about and other special ideas that made our day unique.  We got lots of great compliments!”  ~Cheri & Casey Smith



Katie Ragsdale & Charlie Nguyen


Sarah Pisarik & Jason Russell

“Bill did a great job of listening to what we wanted from a DJ.  He was very easy to work with and very accommodating.  Our guests had a great time and the dance went all night long!”  ~Jason and Sarah Russell



Mandy Orris & Jeff Lam


Kay Wilhelm & Joe Archer

“Everything went great! I really liked the music that was played. The candy toss idea was terrific. I think it really helped keep the young kids away from the bouquet toss and garter toss. Also, thanks for letting my cousin sing a song. She had really wanted to do that.  You were fantastic and I even got comments on how wonderful and nice you guys were! Thanks so much!”  ~Kay Archer



Ann Curry & Tyler Monthey


Amy Sass & Brian Martinez

“Brian and I would like to thank you for all your input and helping make the wedding smooth!  We’ve heard so much positive feedback and we are so excited for the reception so we can relax and have fun with the awesome music you are going to play!  Thanks for all you do to help brides and grooms like us!”  ~Brian & Amy Martinez


“Brian and I had a marvelous time!  Both of our parents did too!

Just wanted to let you know that everyone on Sunday was raving how wonderful you were and my Mom says she still has people asking who the D.J. was and how fun you were!  So, I think the night was a BIG SUCESS!  And, Brian and I THANK YOU for all your hard work!”  ~Amy Martinez


Natalie Miller & Jamie Jenn


Brianne Fossey & Brad Axdahl


Randene Anderson & Dave McKinney

“You are the man!  Thank you so much for making our day as awesome as it was!  You are a hell of a good time.  We appreciate all you did for us!  We are giving your name to all of our friends talking marriage so maybe we will party again!”  ~Randene & Dave McKinney



Lisa Edgar & Mike Kelsey

We had an amazing time.  Thanks for everything you did.  Everyone keeps talking about how awesome you were.  ~ Mike Kelsey



Anne Giblin & Travis Ferris


Sherry Stowell & Ryan Hale

“I wanted to write you a letter to tell you how fabulous our reception turned out largely because of you!  We were so happy with the music selections, the fun games, the afro wigs, the energy, all of it!  You took care of things for us that most DJ’s wouldn’t do!  You honestly were like a free wedding coordinator rolled into our DJ!  Our initial meeting was such a huge help and we did everything you told us and it was so organized!  The flowers didn’t get mushed and we weren’t stressed because you took care of everything!  You even helped serve cake!!!  All we can say is WOW and THANK YOU! 

We enjoyed ourselves so much and you did a fabulous job getting everyone involved not only dancing, but also taking photos!  The kids had a great time with the candy toss and we are so grateful you found a way to include them in the fun.  You made the evening fun, organized and really an enjoyable experience.  Even our photographer commented on how she had to step-up her game because she couldn’t believe the extra mile you went to help out!  You obviously love what you do and you put your heart into your work. You also care about people, that is evident and also an affirmation of why we chose the best DJ to host our reception!

We have already and will continue to provide referrals to you!  Also, just like a hair stylist or any other trusted service provider, we now have a trusted and endeared DJ for all of our music needs!  You have been so pleasant to work with Bill!  You truly knew our vision and you made it a reality!  We will be forever grateful to you for making our wedding reception such a memorable occasion!  Thank you very much to both you and your assistant!”  ~Sherry & Ryan Hale

We loved everything but just felt the candy toss was a little later than we would have liked due to some of the kids leaving before that event.   Otherwise, PERFECT!  Thank you so much! 


Mary Welper & Josh Boots

“We had a BLAST at the reception!! And I know our guests did as well. You did as you said and got them all involved! Thank you so much for all the extras you did for us. You were more than just a DJ for us! My sister made the comment up at the head table, ‘I don't know what you're paying that man, but he's worth every penny!’  A lot of people thought you were either the wedding coordinator or one of the hotel staff because you were so helpful!!!  Again, thank you so much!!!”  ~Mary & Josh Boots

I know I have said it once and I will say it again--you did a great job.  You made the night better than my wife or I could have dreamt.  Thank you for making this the best day of our lives!



Belle Plaine High School Homecoming


Becky Myers & William Toner Jr


Lindsey Baker & Brandon Howell

“We would recommend you to anyone.  My sister said she loved that you had the 2 song warning before special events and that you announced everything.  We had fun with all your props.  It was a night to remember.  You helped the day go smoothly and thanks for having the lighters.”  ~Lindsey and Brandon Howell



Kristy Schmuecker & Chad Cristoph


Nina & Matt Bahl's 25th Wedding Anniversary Party


Rachel Babor & Joel Storm


Katie Kelly & Brad Meisterling

“Thank you so much for everything you did at our reception.  You kept the party going.  All of our guests had nothing but good things to say.  We really appreciate all your hard work and great ideas to make our day as smooth as possible.”  ~Brad & Katie Meisterling



Franklin Middle School Dance


Gina McCormally & Sean Leahy


Katie Sandy & Tanner Miller


Abbie Larson & Brandon Huinker


Robin Johnson & Tom Kenney


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