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LMD Productions

01/04/03     Drug Town


02/15/03     Robin Siegling & Adam Mangold


04/12/03     Wedding


04/26/03     Alpha Omicron Pi

"You did a great job with our formal! Everyone thought you were great!  Thanks again."  ~Caitlin Schneider


05/03/03     Alburnett Community High School


05/09/03     Four Oaks


05/10/03     Cara Becker & Justin Dix

"Thank you so much for doing such a great job!  We had a blast & so did every one of our guests!  Thanks so much for the pictures, they are so fun!  Thanks again!"  ~Cara Dix


05/17/03     Anita Kilburg & Verl Howell


05/30/03     Wedding


05/31/03     Pam Larkey & Nathan Lehrman

"Thank you for helping make our wedding reception into a great party! You were very accommodating to us and we appreciate your wonderful service.  We'll have many lasting memories!"  ~Pam Lehrman


06/07/03     Kim Smith & Aaron Benesh

"Bill, you did an excellent job!!  Aaron & I were both extremely happy!  You would not believe all the great comments we heard from our guests about how fun our DJ was & how much fun they had at the reception.  Thank you so much!"  ~Kim Benesh


06/13/03     Aegon USA


06/21/03     Julie Bauer & Anthony Garry

"Thank you so much for making our reception run so smoothly.  I had a great time, as well as our guests.  I can't believe how quickly the night went by.  Thank you for making our night so memorable!"  ~Julie Garry


06/28/03     Nitasha Fish & Ryan Joyner


07/05/03     Katie & Todd Tumilty  "You are very highly recommended in our books!"  ~ Katie Tumilty


07/12/03     Heather Miller & Thad Childers


07/19/03     Kecia Leary & Kyle Vogel


07/26/03     Wedding


08/09/03     Joy Dvorak & Nathan Severin


08/16/03     Joyce Vaasen & Kurt Karr

"Our Wedding Reception was just wonderful and you had such a big part in doing that.  Over a year later, people still comment on how much fun they had at our Reception and how ?cool' the DJ was!  Thanks for making it such a blast!"  ~Joyce & Kurt Karr


08/23/03     Teresa Dolezal & Jesse McBurney


08/30/03     Dysart Class Reunion


09/13/03     Molly Messer & Kyle Dotson

"Thanks for helping make our night memorable.  We will continue to tell people about LMD Productions."  ~Molly & Kyle


09/20/03     Laura Heithusen & Andrew Nordine


09/27/03     Summer York & Nathan Anderson

"Thanks again for everything Bill, you were terrific!!!!!!!!!!  You (and your assistant) were THE BEST!!!  We knew you would have everything under control and everything would be awesome!  So many people said you were the best DJ they have ever heard?you were so much fun?even the wigs were great!  We will refer you to everyone?you are so outgoing and every bride needs a DJ like you!!"  ~Summer Anderson


"I wanted to thank you again for the fabulous job you did as DJ at Summer & Nate's wedding.  From the beginning there was never any question in their minds who would be the DJ for this most special day.  You would not believe the number of comments I heard about you?"Wow!" "He's the best!" "Who is he?"?so I bragged about you.  You made all the difference.  Thank you for being a special memory on Summer & Nate's wedding day." ~Maggie York 


10/04/03     Jennifer Vavra & Bruce Borcherding


10/18/03     Rebecca Bowden & Jamie Burger


10/25/03     Shannon Waldon & Tom Grommen, Jr.


11/01/03     Carlee & Braniff Tumilty

                 "Thanks again Bill for doing a wonderful job - well done!"  ~Carlee 


11/08/03     Jody Drew & Steve Schmitz


11/15/03     City Carton Recycling


12/12/03     Aegon USA


12/20/03     Lauren Stark & Jesse White


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